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Case Studies

Business: Manufacturing and Distributing Audio / Computer Discs CD-ROMs

Nature of Work or Scope and Results

The company had started construction of the shell of a new manufacturing and warehousing facility of 355,000 square feet on a site located on the west coast. The new facility will manufacture, package, and distribute compact discs (CD) for both audio and computer (CD-ROM) use. SCG's focus on this project was to design and automate the total material handling systems. In addition to production materials and finished product, the project included handling the tools needed (stampers, screens, print specs, etc.) to manufacture, print and package the discs.

The design project was performed while new construction was taking place and a very tight completion schedule was accomplished.

Three layout alternatives were developed by SCG. The highly automated alternative was selected by the client company. This included an Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) to hold both manufacturing tools and Work-In-Process (WIP) inventory. This alternative also used Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) to convey the manufacturing tools and WIP inventory to and from the scheduled production machines.

The chosen alternative included a second AS/RS to store components, materials, and inventory. The components are conveyed from the receiving floor to the AS/RS on a complex roller/belt conveyor system. The picking operation for this AS/RS takes place on the high level packaging floor, thereby reducing the length of the communication links. The components are delivered from the AS/RS picking stations to the packaging floor via AGV's. Many times the materials are picked and delivered without any human intervention. The finished product is delivered from the packaging floor to shipping via AGV's and a conveyor system. A set of carousels is being used to sort some stock-keeping units into the correct shipping destination.

The AGV has free ranging capabilities and communicates to the host computers via radio frequency (RF) stations. There is also some manual delivery of tools and labels. This movement will be controlled by RF terminals and "smart" carts.

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