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Case Studies

Business: Hi-Tech Manufacturing

Nature of Work or Scope and Results

This major Japanese producer of CD-ROMS was planning a new 165,000 square foot (15,420 sq. meters) multi-level distribution and warehouse facility on a site located in the U.S. midwest. The new facility will manufacture CD-ROM discs for the computer industry. The focus of this project was to develop the layouts and automated material handling system(s) for storage and materials movement throughout the new facility.

The design project was performed in conjunction with the new construction taking place and a very tight completion schedule was accomplished.

Various layout and operations alternatives were developed by SCG. These were analyzed in conjunction with several materials handling equipment alternatives, including the use of powered conveyor and automatic guided vehicles. Capital and expense budgets were prepared for each alternative. Complex multi-level, automated conveyor systems, along with various elevating mechanisms were decided upon. Also included were horizontal carousels, vertical power lifts, reciprocating conveyors, accumulating conveyors, etc. SCG developed all of the layouts and equipment specifications, provided complete systems integration services, and worked with the company during the implementation phase to ensure that performance goals were met.

A follow on project ensued, which included the spanning of the four-lane highway to connect the two plants. SCG developed the equipment alternatives, layout alternatives, and vertical transportation devices, which would tie into the existing systems. An overhead monorail type conveyor system was designed and specified.

All of this work was completed on time to a very demanding start-up schedule.

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