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Case Studies

Business: Retail Distribution

Nature of Work or Scope and Results

This work involved two freight cost and logistics studies over a period of two years.

The scope of work included several complex analyses of the company’s entire distribution net-work. The company was manufacturing product for retailers and jobbers in two separate plants located in two different states in the U.S. in the east and south.

Both LTL and full truckload shipments of finished product were studied. Each plant shipped LTL to more than 5,000 locations and full truck loads to more than 500 locations.

The study developed recommendations for significant cost savings based on a rationalization of the locations of the company’s existing satellite warehouses and the construction or lease of a new master distribution center in the west.

Due to an acquisition of another east coast competing distributor, SCG was also subsequently engaged to develop an optimum distribution center warehouse relayout for the company’s main eastern distribution center. More than $2 million in construction costs were avoided due to SCG’s efforts in developing an optimum distribution center layout and specifying the proper storage me-dia and materials handling equipment. SCG also helped the company negotiate prices and terms of equipment purchases which resulted in more savings for the company.

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