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Case Studies

Business: Developer, Manufacturer and Distributor of Electrical Cable, Wiring Systems and Harnesses

Nature of Work or Scope and Results

This Germany based client is a leading world-wide developer and system supplier of wiring systems to the automotive industry. This client division manufactures electrical cable from raw materials in the U.S. and manufactures and assembles wiring systems in Mexico. Their major customers include Case Corp., Peterbuilt Trucks, Mack Trucks, Kenworth Trucks, NACCO, and Chrysler.

The SCG project included an operational study and layout for a new consolidated plant to be located in Hermosillo, Mexico. The company's existing plants and storage facilities in Guaymas and Hermosillo, Mexico were to be vacated, along with some Arizona based operations, and consolidated into the new plant.

The project involved an extensive amount of on-site consultant effort within the existing plants in Mexico. A team approach (Client members in collaboration with SCG consultants) was employed to insure "buy-in" of the affected management personnel in Mexico. This proved to be an extremely important factor, since several managerial positions would be eliminated as a result of the consolidation, and these management members would be assigned new and/or different responsibilities in the consolidated plant.

Several alternatives were developed to improve material handling and streamline the process flow. The main criteria for evaluating the new layout alternatives were: process flow; organizational grouping; floor esthetics; traffic/materials handling; and flexibility for future growth.

The floor plan size was approximately 175,000 square feet. Using a weighted factor analysis, pareto scores were developed for evaluating 7 different layout alternatives.

The project and implementation were completed on-time and on-budget.

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