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Case Studies

Business: Heavy Steel Manufacturing and Shipbuilding

Nature of Work or Scope and Results

SCG performed a major materials handling and improvement study, which was structured to reduce shipyard materials handling, costs. The study involved the tracking of materials flows and the development of a consolidated operations process chart for one of the largest shipbuilding yards in the US. This documentation and drawings showed all of the major fabrication operations within the yard and all of the interconnecting material flow paths.

The focus of the study was eventually narrowed to seven materials categories. These were:

Steel Plate

Steel Shapes

Sheet Metal


Hardware/Mechanical & Electrical


Fabricated Duct

Recommendations were developed to improve methods, equipment, and procedures for handling these materials. Recommendations for gross yard layout improvements were also generated.

A major yard traffic study was also implemented for this client. The traffic study was extrapolated to show the impact of new business on materials handling distances traveled and costs.

Several alternative yard renovations were designed and the impact on materials handling time and costs were analyzed. The mid-term alternative with the highest payback was selected.

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