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Maintenance Improvement Services

Effective Maintenance Management is essential to the cost effective operation of service, transportation, and manufacturing companies. Maintenance supplies, spare parts inventories, and maintenance labor hours are among the most difficult costs to control. Maintenance currently consumes 6% - 11% of the typical operating budget. Organizations which can benefit from modern maintenance management methods include office complexes, hospitals, universities, manufacturing plants, fleet operators and transit systems.

Maintenance costs are controllable and can be reduced through effective maintenance work scheduling, inventory management, purchasing methods, and state-of-the-art maintenance storeroom operations. A comprehensive maintenance management system provides the following benefits:

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Extended Equipment Life
  • Accurate Equipment History
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Labor Control/Scheduling
  • Improved Material Control/Accountability
  • Warranty Claim Recovery
  • Reduced Rate of Cost Increase

Savings typically achieved following installation of a Maintenance Management System include:

  • 10% Increase in Equipment Life
  • 20% Labor Reduction
  • 20% Reduction in Equipment Downtime
  • 25% Decrease in Emergency Breakdowns
  • 5% - 15% Reduction in Overall Maintenance Cost
  • 10% - 15% Inventory Reduction

SCG can help you achieve these savings. The SCG staff has broad experience in the design of maintenance, work-in-process, and aftermarket service parts support systems, maintenance management systems, and the design of maintenance and supply storerooms. We offer the following full-range of services in maintenance management.


  • Computer Based Maintenance Management Systems Support
  • Bar Code Identification and Part Numbering System(s)
  • Inventory Management and Purchasing Policies and Procedures
  • Materials/Parts Issue Policies, Procedures, and Controls
  • Storeroom Security and Pilferage Prevention Methods
  • System Implementation:
  • Parts Coding/Identification
  • Turnkey Hardware/Software Installation
  • Training


  • Definition of Storeroom Space Requirements and Arrangement
  • Design, Specification and Layout of Storage and Handling Equipment
  • Special Handling Methods for Bars, Shapes, Sheets and Large Items
  • Design of Building Modifications or New Structures
  • Development of Required Security and Environmental Systems
  • Supervision of Equipment Installation

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About SCG Training Books/Publications Consulting Services Contact Us Links